These solutions are useful for companies seeking to raise funds (debt, equity or hybrid funds) as well as for companies seeking to reduce their cost of capital. Additionally, FairConnect can add immense value during mergers and acquisitions by helping the companies in assessing the impact of the event on the credit rating.

FairConnect has in-depth understanding of sectors such as Financial Services, Healthcare and Infrastructure including Renewables and Road Sector, Technology, Education etc. In-depth understanding and a dedicated approach followed by FairConnect helps it team appreciate the business nuances which may help the companies to finetuning the strategy in addition to the fund raise.

Further, FairConnect believes in getting the right kind of funding solutions and partners based on long term interests of the company.

FairConnect team’s experience as Rating Committee members at a leading Credit Rating Agency can bring in immense value by getting the desired rating upgrades or saving them from downgrades by fine tuning the strategy. In-depth understanding of rating and key factors impacting the credit rating facilitates efficient decisions, especially when time is critical.

In light of SEBI tightening its norms against credit advisory by the credit rating agencies and limited knowledge of credit rating with consultants / advisors, this experience puts FairConnect in a unique position to facilitate superior decision making for the clients.

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