Business Advisory

For companies seeking to raise funds (debt, equity or hybrid funds) and for investors looking for resilient responsible returns.

Capital Efficiency Solutions

For Banks / NBFCs Advise seeking to improve economic capitalization without external equity infusion.
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Credit Optimization Solutions

Suitable for the companies with total borrowings in excess of Rs. 500 million.
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Stressed Asset Resolution Strategy

Suitable for Large lenders with NPAs of more than Rs. 5 billion.
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Credit Risk Health Check for Investment Portfolio

Most Suitable for corporate Treasuries, Insurance Companies, Wealth Advisors and Family Offices.
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Credit Rating Advisory

Suitable for companies wanting an improvement in credit rating or a Credit Rating Opinion in light of an acquisition or any significant event. Investors can benefit from several years of experience at Rating Committee level.
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Due Diligence

Suitable for Debt or Equity investors looking for financial due diligence (FDD).
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Customized Advisory

FairConnect also offers customised advisory services to the clients. The team’s extensive experience in the debt and equity markets, knack for finding solutions and deep knowledge of industries, regulations could help the clients in sizing opportunities or finding solutions.
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