FairConnect is a Credit Rating Advisory and Consulting Company. It is also an Investment Manager for FairConnect Financial Roujhan Fund (FFRF). FFRF is a credit-focused Category II ‘Alternate Investment Fund’ registered with SEBI. Key Facts:

  • Category 2 Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)
  • Investment management team with over 60 years of combined credit and investment experience
  • High growth Retail Finance Market offers ample investment opportunities
  • Focus on investment grade Credit (BBB and A) and highly skilled team to reduce default risk
  • Cash Flow Based Funding
  • Negligible equity / commodity / forex / other event risk
  • No Exposure to
    • Promoter Funding
    • Commercial Real Estate Funding
    • Share backed Funding
    • Venture Capital Funding
  • Three Classes of units to suit Investors’ Risk Appetite

FairConnect Financial Roujhan Fund is registered with SEBI as category 2 Alternative Investment Fund. FairConnect Business Advisors Private Limited is Sponsor as well as Investment Manager to the Fund.

FairConnect’s team has over 60 years of combined credit and investment experience. It is focused on investing in underserved areas of MFI, agriculture finance, rural finance, affordable and low cost housing and MSME, via debt instruments.

Credit penetration in India continues to grow at a record pace, especially in under-served areas of low to medium income borrowers and medium to small business. This is being fueled by NBFCs, housing finance and rural finance companies. However, these companies continue to struggle to access credit especially via the route of fixed income markets. FairConnect aims to connect these companies as well as corporates rated in BBB / A category to the investors to achieve a dual objective – providing access to capital for these markets and attractive risk adjusted to a variety of investors based on the risk appetite.

FairConnect Financial Roujhan is targeted at generating a resilient ‘Alpha’ by carefully selecting the investee companies, through proper diversification and close monitoring of the investee companies.

Based on the risk appetite, investors can choose between Class A, Class B and Class C units.

Key Investment Terms:
– Minimum investment size: Rs 1 crore
– Maturity: Upto 48 months
– No Redemption/ repurchase of units shall be allowed prior to the maturity of the scheme
– Payouts: Quarterly for class A, partly annual & partly cumulative for class B and cumulative for class C & D